The ABA material blown film consists of 3 layers where both the outer layers (A) which are of virgin material and the middle layer (B) which is of CaCo3 or any recycled material. This reduces the cost of material and makes it eco friendly. Both the outer layers are same and fed by the same extruder and the middle layer is fed from other extruder. The ABA blown film machine is manufactured to adapt a wide range of applications. These machines manufactures blown film which is used in garbage bags, carry bags, shopping bags and T-shirt bags, etc.

ABA Blown Film Machine

Leena extrusion is the most promising company in the market as a manufacturer of ABA blown film machine that can rapidly produce the 3 layered films used in various industries. These machines are fully automated and made from high quality metals and alloys that make them corrosion resistant and strong. There are 2 extruders in the ABA machine from which one extruder supplies the inner and outer layer of blown film and another one supplies middle material. The material in extruder A is completely virgin material which gives good shining to the film.

Features of ABA Blown Film Machine :

  • Great output
  • Higher resistance
  • 3 layers of film
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Long service life
  • Least maintenance
  • Least maintenance
  • Smooth working