Blown film machine is available in the market that can make films of different layers. The number of layers can vary with the place of utilization. Mono layer blown film machine is used when the film is to be made of a single type of material. The thickness of the film can be varied as per the requirement of the client. Mono layer blown film is a cost effective way to make blown film in a fast and accurate manner. It is an effective investment for producing a well defined and smooth film.

Mono layer blown film machine

The manufacturing of the mono layer blown film is done from the best raw materials. These films are made in the same way by extrusion process that is melting the material and then passing it through roller that give it its final shape and is then cooled down to fix that shape. These mono layer films are used in various applications like shopping bags, packing dairy products, bags and pouch for fruits and vegetables, etc. The optimum grade materials and latest technology is used in manufacturing these machines. The final prepared machine is examined by the experts and professionals to ensure their flawless performance. We give our best to provide the exact machine that matches the need of the client and even provide extra customization in them. These machines are offered at the most competitive price.

Features of Monolayer Blown Film Plant :

  • Rugged design
  • Least maintenance cost
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth performance
  • Speedy and accurate production
  • Complete finishing
  • Less power consumption