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Lamination Plant is the considered the most outstanding organization in the domestic as well as international market as a manufacturer of Blown Film Plant and Three Layer Blown Film Machine . The film in this is made by extruding the molten plastic through circular rollers. This film is made uniform by keeping the distance between the rollers constant during the whole process. The film blowing process consists of a various layers of stages that include extrusion, blowing, collapsing and winding the film on the roll after cooling it.

Blown Film Plant
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Multilayer Blown Film Plant

Multi layer blown film plant consists of various layers of material that are coated with the substance. The number of layers in the plant can be varied as per the requirement. This helps to give various special features in the film like high flexibility and advanced barrier structure. This technology of multilayer increases the productivity and energy efficiency that helps to reduce production cost. In this various polymers are simultaneously extruded with each other to form a common die.

PVC Blown Film Plant

The PVC (Polyvinly Chloride) blown film is used when the film to be extruded or laminated are made up of PVC material. This material is widely used for its durability and strength compared to other materials. The PVC material is melted and passed under the pair of rollers that are separated by a specific dimension that is the width or thickness of the film. The thickness of this PVC film can be altered in the blown film plant as per the needs.

HM Blown Film Plant

HM HDPE is the abbreviation used for High Molecular High Density Polyethylene. It is renowned in the market because of its special features like high strength and toughness. We manufacture the best HM HDPE blown film plants that make the films through the blown extrusion process. This plant is requires to produce the best in class HM HDPE films that are useful in various industries. We offer a wide range of film plants that are made to laminate the substances.

Five Layer Blown Film Plants

The layer in the five layers is actually the materials that are to be mixed to form a single film. These layers are simultaneously processed to form a uniform shaped and sized film. We offer various specifications for the five layer blown film plant that are selected according to the material to be mixed and produce a perfect dimension film. These plants are manufactured according to the width that is required by the client.

Extrusion Blown Film Plant

Extrusion is a process when a material is melted and then it is passed through a roller and cooled so that shape is retained after cooling. This blown film plant is specially made to conduct the extrusion process effectively. They are made with best in class materials to ensure the quality of the machine and the output.

Types Of Lamination Machine

  • Multilayer blown film plant
  • HM hdpe blown film plant
  • PVC blown film plant
  • Five layer blown film plant
  • Extrusion blown film plant

Mono Layer Blown Film Machine

A mono layer blown film machine is a piece of plastic processing equipment that is used to make thin plastic films. These films are widely utilized in a variety of industries, including packaging, agriculture, and construction. The word "monolayer" alludes to the fact that these machines produce single-layered films rather than multilayered films like coextrusion machines do.

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