Double Die Lamination Machine Manufacturer

Since the beginning Lamination Plant is considered to be the most reliable manufacturer of double die lamination machines. The machines we offer are made using the best technology and materials to meet the international quality standards. These machines are having industry standards that are usually preferred in all the industries. Our lamination machines are famous for their unparalleled features like reliable quality, easy operation, complete automation, advanced technology and accurate dimension of lamination. They are made to improve the manufacturing process and fasten up the production speed to improve the rate of production.

We make the double die lamination machine which can accurately laminate the material by meting the lamination material and then coating it on the substance. The main two processes that are conducted is melting the die and cooling it when applied to the product. To offer great quality we have a workforce of highly skilled professionals that work on the production process. This lamination gives an extra strength to the substance and adds a protection layer that protects it from any external temperature and atmospheric changes. Making use of the latest technology and features in the machine we strive to offer best double die lamination machine at the most competitive prices according to the features and customization done in the machine.

Features of Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant
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Features of Double Die Lamination Machine :

  • Robust structure
  • Compact body
  • Reliable functioning
  • Faster lamination
  • Long service life
  • Automized working
  • Cost effective price
  • Smooth and uniform labeling

Technical Specification :

Screw size 75 – 90
Feed type Smooth 28:1
Coating Width 750- 1850 mm
Min. Thickness 12-15 microns
Max. Thickness 70-75 microns
Max line speed 100-120 m/min
Production capacity 145-160
Power connecting load 90.25 – 118.25 KW
Dimension of plant 40’ L * 24’ W * 13’H

* The dimension of the machine can be set according to the client’s requirement

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