Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine

The die face cutting recycling machine is developed to recycle and plasticizing the materials made up of various types of plastic. This machine has a great capacity to produce huge number of granules that are of uniform shape and size. This reduces the problem of waste plastic disposal as the recycling machine converts the plastic into small granules that are used for other purpose. The dimension of the granules can be decided as per the need of the client. We give complete attention in manufacturing this machine.

Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine
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Our die face cutter recycling machine provides various advantages to re-granule the plastic material such as LDPE, PP, HM, PVC, etc. We are instrumental in providing recycling machine with die face cutting that consistently produce high quality output. We offer a wide range of die face cutting machine that provides energy saving and comparatively low power consumption to save the extra cost spend on the working of machines. The machine has various internal departments that execute the whole process of preparing the granules having uniform shape and size. The features offered by our machine are kept as per the industry standards and are even customized as per the need of client.

Features of Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine :

  • Robust design
  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Smooth working
  • Easy operation
  • Moisture free granules
  • Compact design
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