Recycling Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

Recycling of materials is a great problem in today’s world. To solve this problem there are various machines available in the market to recycle the waste. We at Lamination Plant offer a wide range of recycling machine to solve this problem. The machines are specially designed to recycle the paper waste and plastic waste like bottles, thermoplastic film. There is a specific type of machine for each type of waste that is to be treated. The machines are engineered under the supervision of our skilled quality check experts that ensure their quality, working and reliability. The plastic waste materials are treated in the plant and are compressed to reduce the waste disposal problem.

The materials used to fabricate the machines are bought from the most reliable retailers in the market. The dimension is kept according to the industry standards notations and the features are embedded in them according to the improvement of the technology. They are even modified as per the need of the client to accurately meet their requirements. The Plastic Waste Recycling Machines are not just used to crush the waste materials but are also used to make granules of plastic also called Dana useful in household items, automobile parts, etc. The customer defines the size of the compressed plastic and waste particles. We offer a wide range of recycling machines.

The range of machines we offer are :

  • PP LDPE Recycling Machine
  • PP Dana Making Machine
  • PET Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Waste Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Reprocess Plant
  • Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine
  • Mother Baby Reprocess Plant

Technical Specification :

Screw size 75 – 90
Feed type Smooth 28:1
Coating Width 750- 1850 mm
Min. Thickness 12-15 microns
Max. Thickness 70-75 microns
Max line speed 100-120 m/min
Production capacity 145-160
Power connecting load 90.25 – 118.25 KW
Dimension of plant 40’ L * 24’ W * 13’H

*Dimensions can be changed as per customer’s requirement

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