Twin Die Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine Manufacturer

Leena Extrusion is the manufacturer of a wide range of Twin Die extrusion coating lamination machine. We offer these machines in various dimensions and specifications. The characteristic that our machines offer make them unique with un-matching properties compared to any other dealer of lamination machine. These features include reliable quality, accurate dimension, easy operation and handling of machine and completely automated functions that enhance the speed of production. These machines are used in packing various substances like food, salt, sugar, commodities as well as products of petrochemical industry and mining industries.

The Twin Die Extrusion Coating Lamination machine is equipped with various internal parts that perform all the process of laminating the material. They are capable to do multi-layer coating lamination on any material. This machine is embedded with the preheating area in it as well as cooling place where the material is heated and there after cooled when it is applied to the substance to fix it on that product. These machines are made in accordance with the industry specific standards to easily meet the domestic as well as international quality standards. We even offer customization in them to satisfy the customer and provide them with machines which accurately match their needs. We present these lamination machines in wide range of specification and very economic price range according to the modification in them.

Features of Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant
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Features of Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant :

  • Reliable working
  • Accurate extrusion
  • Cost effective
  • Smooth performance
  • Durability
  • Variable dimension of coating and lamination
  • Least maintenance
  • Long service life

Technical Specification :

Screw size 75 – 90
Feed type Smooth 28:1
Coating Width 750- 1850 mm
Min. Thickness 12-15 microns
Max. Thickness 70-75 microns
Max line speed 100-120 m/min
Production capacity 145-160
Power connecting load 90.25 – 118.25 KW
Dimension of plant 40’ L * 24’ W * 13’H

* Dimensions of the twin die extrusion coating lamination machine can be altered according to the client’s requirement

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